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Nobody's Baby

Forrester Square (Book 14)
Nobody's Baby

July 19, 1983…

The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers – Seattle’s Kennedys. Their ‘compound’ – elegant Forrester Square…until the fateful night that tore these families apart.

Twenty years later…

Child-care worker Shana Devlin was adamant. Newly orphaned ‘Baby Doe’ would not be placed in temporary foster care. Shana was ready to fight Social Services director Keith Hewitt – just as she fought him on everything. But Keith offered to take the baby home with him…on the condition that Shana came, too.

Sexual chemistry had always electrified Keith’s disagreements with Shana. Away from the hospital setting, they could no longer contain the passion – even if they denied it was love. But when the infant’s identity continued to remain a mystery, Keith realized he wanted Shana to stay – for their sake as well as the baby’s…

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