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The Backup Plan

The Backup Plan

When life throws you a curve, it’s time for Plan B.

Dr. Donna Jacobs’ life has fallen apart, personally and professionally. She needs a back-up plan fast! Donna and her five-year-old daughter head south to a small town where everyone knows everyone else and where life is about family and community. All she wants is a fresh start. No more big city issues. No more work troubles. And definitely no romantic entanglements. But Fate has a different plan in mind for Donna and her little girl.

Hank Bradley just needs to get through this school year. As the high school football coach, he’s a god. After all, the former Miami Dolphins quarterback is a living legend in his small hometown. But the school’s new interim principal is a vicious cougar determined to have the handsome coach whether he wants to play or not. When the town’s new doctor turns out to be the mother of one of his students, Hank is instantly smitten. Now he’s the one determined to go with a back-up plan and to make his fantasies come true with the relationship-shy doctor.

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