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Physical Evidence

Colby Agency (Book 6)
Physical Evidence

NAME: Alexandra “Alex” Preston
AGE: 28
EYES: gray
HEIGHT: 5′ 7″
OCCUPATION: Colby Agency Investigator
CURRENT STATUS: stricken with amnesia
CRIME: being more beautiful than a country sheriff could handle!

Nobody came to Mitch Hayden’s county and caused trouble–least of all a fancy-pants lady P.I. from the big city. And Sheriff Hayden was nothing if not a man of his word. But Alex Preston was making a liar out of him with her blank memory and maddening allure. She’d come to town to investigate a missing-person case, and ended up a prime suspect in the murder of one of Mitch’s deputies. Though all evidence pointed to Alex, Mitch believed otherwise. So was his lawman mettle on the fritz…or was his physical knowledge of Alex suspect?

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