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See Her Die

See Her Die

Sometimes trust can be dangerous…

Elizabeth Young is FBI agent Collin MacBride’s prime suspect in the murder of a prominent Manhattan psychiatrist-the one and only lead in an ongoing investigation. Elizabeth had motive-her affair with the doctor hadn’t ended well. She had means-the exquisite antique dagger she’d given him as a gift was buried to the hilt in his chest. She had opportunity-dinner with Elizabeth had been penciled in on the doctor’s calendar for the night he was murdered. Yet, Mac can’t bring himself to believe she did it. But is he thinking like an investigator or like the man who wants Elizabeth all to himself.

Elizabeth is terrified that Collin MacBride will learn her secret. Somehow she must convince him that she’s innocent without allowing the determined agent to discover the truth. If she can just find the very intimate and very erotic video her former psychiatrist had blackmailed her with, just maybe she can escape a murder charge. But when female patients of the late doctor start being murdered one by one, Elizabeth understands that she is on that same murder list and MacBride is the only man who can save her…

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