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Striking Distance

Colby Agency
Striking Distance

Would love get in the way of his mission . . .?

On a One-Woman Manhunt

CIA recruit Tasha North was assigned to draw out an unknown assassin and neutralize him — to take whatever risks were required to accomplish her assignment. The ruthless killing machine had no conscience, no fear and a black hole for a heart, and he had targeted the dynamic head of the Colby private investigation agency for termination. But Tasha was determined to stop him at all costs.

She soon found out carnal seduction was the only way to reach the suspected killer. Years of rage and fantasies of revenge had destroyed any semblance of human emotion in him. Yet when he took Tasha in his arms, the two connected in the most basic man-woman way. Penetrating his personal fortress was the only hope she had . . . And she’d have to use her own heart as bait.

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