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April Brings A New Colby Agency Book!

April Brings a New Colby Agency Book!

Hello Friends!

RT Book Review Magazine says HEAVY ARTILLERY HUSBAND, the second in the Colby Agency Family Secrets, has plenty of mystery and suspense! It’s out now! Be sure to get your copy TODAY wherever books are sold. It’s available in paperback and ebook everywhere books are sold in stores and online! To order your copy now just click your preference below:


Then, coming in September is DARK WHISPERS, the next Faces of Evil book from me and Harlequin Intrigue! You don’t want to miss this one! You can preorder your copy now! Just click here!

I’m packing to head to Vegas and the Romantic Times convention where I’ll be receiving a pioneer award for my contributions to the romance industry! I’m so excited! Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with all the fun I’m having writing, spoiling grandbabies, and building a new house!

Happy April!

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  1. Don’t stop writing!! I absolutely love your writing. I’m a voracious reader. It’s hard to find an author who keeps my attention but you do!

  2. Susanne, don’t worry I won’t! I hope you’ll look for the two Faces of Evil books coming from me and Harlequin Intrigue this fall!!! Dark Whispers and Still Waters!

  3. Omg, can’t believe I missed you at RT 2016 in Vegas ! Was reviewing pics today for my scrapbook & saw one with you in it ! Were you at the book fair as well ? I have read many of your books & have the whole Colby series plus a number of other new ones.
    So sad I missed you ! A fan, Leona

    ( Hopefully next time ! )

    1. Hi Leona,

      Great to hear from you! Sorry I missed you!!! I was not at the book fair! I hope you’ll look for Dark Whispers and Still Waters coming this fall from me and Harlequin Intrigue. These two books are carrying on the Faces of Evil series!


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